Man is Earths Problem


Hmmm. Pollution cannot change wind directions or water currents. Maybe it can slightly affect temperature, but how do we explain the weather and climate "change", when there was little man made "pollution" prior to the industrial age?


Maybe people are the issue? There are far too many of us. Not to worry though, the Governments of Earth will find a solution to the mythical "Overpopulation" problem which should eliminate the mythical "Man Made Pollution" problem which will finally save the Earth by bringing an end to the mythical "Climate Change" problem, which apparently replaced the mythical "Global Warming" problem. Hey, what happened to Global Warming anyway, I miss it? I feel we weren't in the "warming" phase long enough, and went to the "changing" phase prematurely. Repackaging lies and myths were in order I suppose. Let's follow the logic of "leading environmental scientist" to an Earth absent of "climate change" where there is no "warming" but "cooling" only. Those would be the days, huh?


The truth is we are Earths problem, but it has nothing to do with the weather or pollution.  We caused God's creation to fall and become accursed. If you really want climate change, put your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.  He is preparing a place for all believers to abide with Him forever.


- Pastor Jesse Rowland