I can do this.

Write a tribute to my pastor of over 20 years.

I can do this.

But I cannot without shedding more tears.


How can I do his tribute justice?

When all I want is for him to still be with us?

I've lost relatives and friends, who have passed away.

But the loss of Jerry Roady affected me more than I can say.


What made Bro. Jerry so special to me?

Was it because he fulfilled his calling so completely?

He led his flock as a shepherd is expected to.

He loved his church family more than any of us really knew.


No matter what he was doing and no matter how he was feeling.

Bro. Jerry was always there for each one individually.

He loved all of us equally.


For me, Jerry was more than just my pastor.

He was my friend, my brother, my father, my teacher, and godly counselor.

He was my definition of what it means to be a godly man.

His life was my example of how to live one’s life as worded in God’s plan.


Even though it wasn’t God’s plan for him to stay,

I still miss his presence every day.

Because my pastor was so very important to me,

There are parts of my life without him that feel quite empty.


I can do this.

Live my life as a tribute to his teaching.

I can do this.

Live my life for the Lord, as I learned through Bro. Jerry Roady’s preaching.