You Win Daddy


I was building a mega block tower with my son today. We would build each level with a certain color and type of block. I had issue with putting on wrong colors a couple times (thank you color blindness), and he did something awesome then too, but that's a story for another time.


We were looking for the certain blocks out of a big mixed pile in a box. Eventually competition to get the most blocks on each level for a "win" broke out. I started to "secretly' separate the blocks in such a way he could find them more easily. He won three or four levels of our tower race in a row when I started watching what he began to do. He too was sorting blocks to my side in an effort to help me find them faster. He did this every time he went to get blocks to add another layer for a win. After a couple more winnings of a level, I was putting a couple blocks on the tower and heard "here daddy". He was handing me two of the specific blocks for that specific layer. Then he handed me more, and more, and I was putting them on slower then he was giving them to me. This meant he was still winning levels and at that point stopped placing as many blocks on each level He continued handing me blocks and every layer a completed he would say "you win daddy" "you win daddy" "you win daddy".


I think I "won" the remaining 10 levels and competition stopped to jointly engineer a top in a way the whole thing would not collapse. I hyphenated the word "won" because really he is the winner. All I really am is blessed that I have a son that is in tune to his daddy so strongly. In reality we have seen him do this with other people, especially children, but make no mistake, he likes winning too. I have seen him throw competitive frustration tantrums that would make Peyton Manning's look like celebrations.


What a lesson he learned I thought, but really what a lesson I learned and that he teaches me everyday. If we who call ourselves "Christ Followers" would be more in tune with our "Heavenly Daddy", oh what a change would be made in our lives. Don't believe me, believe in Jesus Christ, and put yourself in position to say "here Daddy" and "You win Daddy" more often, and see what happens.


Glory to my God and Savior of all who would believe, Jesus Christ, and again I say Glory.


-Pastor Jesse Rowland